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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with Alaska Airlines’ Katie D’Amato

Curating new brand stories with hyperlocal marketing

October 4, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati, is joined by Katie D’Amato, Director of Brand & Social Activation at Alaska Airlines, to discuss the importance of creating memorable experiences for Gen Z, creating passenger loyalty in a price-driven market, and the impact of events, partnerships and hyperlocal marketing on Alaska Airlines’ brand awareness.

Currently leading Alaska Airlines’ internal creative studio, Katie’s primary objective is to build a lovable brand by focusing on human connection and experience at all consumer touchpoints. Working to reshape misconceptions about the scope of destinations the airline travels to, Alaska Airlines is tapping into the power of localized activations and micro-influencers to scale a 1:1 approach to their forward-thinking marketing strategy. Tune in to learn how!

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“Our onboard experience is our product, so we try to bring a story to everything we do onboard” 

Creative Marketing in the Airline World
0:37 - 17:35 
Operating in a sector in which demand is directly influenced by price and intent, brand strength is crucial when it comes to securing new and repeat customers. In an era where consumers are frequently prioritizing experience over price, how are airlines creating more memorable experiences both online, offline and onboard? In this section, Katie discusses the creative marketing strategy for Alaska Airlines, messaging to different markets across the U.S., and the important role that employees play in improving the in-air experience for passengers.

“Events like Create & Cultivate present a lot of great opportunities for brands to not only show up in a physical way but to become part of the social conversation as well.” 

Events & Partnerships
As a form of geotargeting, localized events help to create meaningful and relevant connections with consumers. In attempts to spread national awareness of their vast array of flight destinations, Alaska Airlines has been leveraging events like Create & Cultivate to not just tap into new audiences but to align with them on a deeper, more personal level. In this section, Katie discusses the details of the brand’s event activation, how the partnership has developed, and her top tips for designing events that will successfully boost a brand’s affinity with new markets.

What we do with influencers is really 1:1, so the ability to scale both the sourcing and content creation enables us to do a lot more with less.” 

Hyper-local Marketing
25:22 - 34:04
Katie is also leading efforts to spread awareness for the places Alaska Airlines flies to, and micro-influencers will be playing a huge part in this objective. In today’s tech-driven marketing world, influencers can be activated to do more than just post a promotional picture; they can be leveraged in more sophisticated ways to not only fuel content marketing needs but to scale a localized 1:1 marketing strategy. In this section, Katie takes a deep dive into Alaska Airlines’ brand new micro-influencer campaign and how the brand will be measuring ROI of influencers.

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