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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with CAULIPOWER’s Nathan Jacroux

The problem with traditional creative agencies

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati and Meli Fiszner are joined by Nathan Jacroux, Head of Brand Marketing at CAULIPOWER to discuss bringing community management in-house, the brand’s high-performing paid social strategy and the shifting brand-agency relationship.

Founded in 2016, CAULIPOWER is all about reinventing your favorite foods, one healthy meal hack at a time. Now the 8th most popular frozen pizza brand of all frozen pizza brands in the US, CAULIPOWER is leading the charge in the healthy food alternative CPG vertical. Tune in to learn more!

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Made by Marketing Made by Marketing  Made by Marketing
Going into 2020, we are looking at channeling fewer, bigger, better across all of our marketing channels. We have shifted our approach to focus heavily on our content program.” 

From The Corporate To The Start-Up World
0:30 - 10:20
It is increasingly common for marketers to make the transition from the corporate or agency world into the brand or startup world, but what are the key factors and how they can best prepare for this move? In this section, Nathan discusses his career transition from the agency world to a food CPG startup, his plans for 2020, and how the brand is scaling mobile video into the connected TV space.

Pulling social in-house allowed us to work much closer with Facebook to make sure all of our activities were aligned on common business objectives and take our paid efforts to new heights of success.” 

Bringing Community Management & Paid Social In-House
10:20 - 27:00
No one knows a brand better than the people working there, and sometimes outsourcing advertising is not always as efficient or effective as one may hope. In this section, Nathan discusses how brand awareness is often more valuable than engagement for early-stage brands, how CAULIPOWER is improving the performance of their paid ads across Instagram and Facebook, and how the brand is optimizing their existing creative assets for YouTube videos.

I think it's absolutely crazy for any client of any brand to think that that same agency partner is going to get it right every single time.” 

Why The Traditional Agency Model Isn’t Working In Today’s Fast-Evolving Digital Environment
27:00 - 38:00
In our fast-paced digital world, time is of the essence and startup brands like CAULIPOWER are having to rethink their relationships with agencies as a result. Although still valuable in many ways, the AOR model is not the go-to source for content creation anymore. Why? Time. Most traditional agency partners do not move as fast as brands can and will. In this section, Nathan discusses how CAULIPOWER is tapping into the power of a much more progressive model for content creation, the value of UGC versus polished, curated content, and the importance of a human element in branded content.

Want to try out CAULIPOWER? Here’s a link to a $2 chicken tender coupon good through 12/31!

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