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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with Dynamo Events’ Chrissy Thompson

How to throw a successful event

November 22, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati is joined by Chrissy Thompson, Founder & Senior Event Producer at Dynamo Events to discuss the value of events in the brand and tech world, top trends to incorporate into your event, and how to evaluate event impact and ROI. 

Founded in 2016, Dynamo Events is a leading events agency for tech brands. Events are one of the most lucrative ways for companies to generate brand awareness, lead generation and evergreen content to be leveraged all year round, but there is a fine line between executing a successful event, and a throwing away time and money. Having conceptualized and managed events for some of the tech world’s biggest players, Chrissy joins the podcast to share her top tips for hosting a successful corporate event. Tune in to learn more!

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Made by Marketing Made by Marketing  Made by Marketing
Events generally fall further down the funnel for someone’s customer journey. They’re good for closing and accelerating deals, but actually getting new contacts can be a little bit more challenging.” 

Events: Are They Worth It?
0:30 - 5:28
Events can be one of the most valuable components in the marketing mix, but only if they are done well. Before deciding to host any event, clear goals and objectives are imperative. While some events are better for brand awareness purposes, others are built for lead generation and deal acceleration. In this section, Chrissy covers the quintessential questions that need to be asked before any planning begins, what type of events can be hosted and how often, and why events are great for mid to bottom-funnel activities.

Being clear on your goals and metrics is #1 before you even decide to host an event at all.” 

What To Do & What Not To Do
5:28 -19:11
After setting KPIs and benchmarks, operationalizing the event is the next (and often most stressful) step. From getting buy-in across the board to building a valuable post-event followup strategy, there is a lot that goes into building a great event throughout all stages of execution. In this section, Chrissy discusses the importance of selecting the right speakers, building nurture streams that not only get people to register but to attend, and new ways of building social proof pre, during and post event.

There are hard and soft ways to measure the ROI of an event. From lead generation to deal acceleration to social amplification, I always encourage clients to consider measuring a range of metrics in evaluating event success.” 

Evaluating Event ROI & Trends To Incorporate for 2020
19:11 - 35:00
At the end of the day, the value of an event lies in the results it produces, but there are many ways to measure the success of an event depending upon your initial goals, benchmarks and objectives. From revenue to media impressions, there are both hard and soft metrics that indicate event success. Not only can events help drive revenue in the short term, but they also serve as fantastic opportunities to conveniently collect customer feedback, testimonials, and evergreen branded content that will work to nurture potential leads for the long term. In this section, Chrissy covers the different ways to measure event success and ROI, cost-effective strategies to leverage events for multipurpose opportunities, and the top 3 trends to incorporate into your next event in 2020.

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