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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with HopSkipDrive’s Olivia Smith

Supply and demand-side acquisition, multi-channel marketing, and tracking ROI in the new digital landscape

September 10, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati and Liz Montiel are joined by Olivia Smith, Acquisition Marketing Manager at HopSkipDrive to discuss diversifying away from Facebook in light of upcoming changes to targeting regulations, developing a multi-channel approach to paid advertising and how to create high-performing ads that resonate with different target audiences. 

With a mission to use technology and operational expertise to solve a market need, HopSkipDrive provides a safe, dependable way to get children to where they need to be. Embodying a ground-up approach to purpose-led marketing, HopSkipDrive is effectively solving a problem many parents and guardians face by providing a network of reliable and trustworthy on-demand drivers altruistically committed to the cause. Operating within a two-sided marketplace, HopSkipDrive is effectively acquiring both drivers and riders through a sophisticated multi-channel marketing approach. Tune in to learn how!

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“We have to approach the supply-side more aggressively when it comes to acquisition” 

Marketing Within Two-sided Marketplaces

1:29 - 11:12

Advances in technology over the last five years have led to an explosion of peer-to-peer digital platforms like Postmates, Airbnb, and Uber that connect consumers with suppliers instantaneously. By tapping into the power of the gig economy, these platforms are turning industries on their heads, however, in order to successfully operate and acquire within a two-sided marketplace, marketers have to think more strategically about their tactics and the ways in which they can most effectively communicate with both demand and supply sides. In this section, Olivia covers the importance of understanding the demographics of HopSkipDrive’s consumer groups, the platforms that resonate best with each, and when to leverage the power of word of mouth marketing. 

“We’re evaluating how we can leverage more traditional marketing channels like radio, billboards, and direct mail to reach our consumers”

Developing & Measuring Multi-Channel Paid Advertising

11:12 - 24:16

With dozens of marketing channels - both online and offline, marketers today face an overarching challenge - what channel works best for their unique brand, audience, and goal? In this section, Olivia discusses the revamp of HopSkipDrive’s driver acquisition creative, the importance of conducting AB testing on various ad platforms, and the value of adopting a multi-channel approach to marketing. In describing the potential impact of future policy changes to Facebook targeting, Olivia discusses the brand’s decision to explore more traditional channels including radio, direct mail and billboard marketing.

“Pulling at consumer heartstrings - whether or not they’re customers, has been key for us to build brand awareness and positive sentiment”

Playing On Consumer Heartstrings & Creating High-Performing Ads

24:16 - 38:34

In our content cluttered world, consumers are bombarded with 10,000 brand messages a day and on average, are spending less than 2 seconds on each. This is only 2 seconds for you to capture attention and warrant a second glance and a deeper consideration. Creating ads that stop the scroll has become a key priority for all performance-driven marketers. The best way to capture the attention of audiences? Speaking to them versus at them. In this section, Olivia discusses how to create multi-channel retargeting and conversion campaigns that play on consumer heartstrings.

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