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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with Litehouse and Crafted Communications

How (and why) to extend the shelf-life of influencer content

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati is joined by Camille Balfanz, Sr. Brand Manager at Litehouse and Kari Ramsey, Senior Vice President at Crafted Communications, to discuss the benefits of building a successful agency and brand partnership, best practices for operationalizing creative ideas and how (and why) to extend the shelf-life of influencer content. 

Litehouse and Crafted Communications are a great example of how successful and lucrative a brand-agency collaboration can be. By merging traditional approaches to public relations with a nuanced method of creating content, Litehouse has reimagined connecting with consumers across all stages in their sales funnel. Their partnership on recent promotional campaigns has resulted in a 10% growth in Instagram followers and a 95% increase in sales (47% of which came from new-to-brand shoppers). Tune in to learn how!

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“Influencer engagement programs now play a much bigger role in our media offerings today”

Brand Agency Collaboration

1:58 - 6:12

In the face of a rapidly shifting industry landscape, the role of PR agencies has had to evolve. As more brands take PR in-house, traditional agencies must adapt, and Crafted Communications are a great example of this. In this section, Camille and Kari discuss how their relationship was formed, how it has developed over the past three years and the benefits of a trend and data-driven brand-agency collaboration in 2019.

“Look to the past because old ideas often become new ones”

Operationalizing Creative Ideas

6:12 - 16:38

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, especially when it comes to ideas. One of the greatest benefits of a strong brand-agency collaboration is the double dose of creative ideation both sides can offer when it comes to strategy and planning. With so many new channels and trends emerging in marketing every day, staying on top and thinking ahead can become a difficult task when working in silos. In this section, Camille and Kari discuss their approach to ideation, the importance of the past and the process of operationalization as a team.

“Relatability and authenticity are synonyms, but also achieve different goals”

How (And Why) To Extend The Shelf-Life Of Influencer Content

16:38 - 32:54

In our always-on world, influencer marketing is the key to participating in the conversation on social media. But what happens after the influencer campaigns end? In this section, Camille and Kari discuss how Litehouse has repurposed UGC across multiple channels including website, social media, e-commerce and sales collateral to scale, extend and measure their influencer campaigns. By doing so, the brand has discovered new ways to connect, resonate and relate with consumers across different stages in the sales funnel and at multiple touchpoints, both online and offline.

Check out the full Litehouse case study or watch the Litehouse Summit Session to learn more.