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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with ONE Brands’ Abbie Walker

The power of UGC

September 10, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati is joined by Abbie Walker, Digital & Social Marketing Manager at ONE Brands to discuss launching UGC campaigns at various stages in the marketing funnel, removing subjectivity from creative, and exploring new opportunities for advertising on Pinterest and TikTok.  

Having been recently acquired by Hershey’s for $397 million, ONE Brands’ marketing team certainly knows how to achieve greatness, especially considering they sell to one of the most competitive markets of today - the protein bar world. Social media and digital advertising have been some of the brand’s most powerful mediums to effectively connect with and convert target audiences, but only with a lot of strategic thinking, sophisticated AB testing and creative iteration. Tune in to learn how!

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“Brands are looking for customer feedback... and we do that naturally and organically through UGC” 

Letting The Market Lead The Narrative

1:55 - 5:52

The healthy snack market is one of the most competitive to break. ONE Brands’ secret? Focusing on what consumers want versus what competitors are doing. By tapping into the power of micro-influencers, ONE Brands was able to leverage creators to better understand who their audience is and what style of content they respond best to. As a result, UGC serves as a continuous feedback loop and offers insights to the brand like no other method of market research. In this section, Abbie explains how letting the market lead the narrative is key to success.

“Brands have a stigma that they are always pushing advertising, whereas if you're following an individual, you’re more hopeful that they are being true and authentic”

Amplifying Your Brand With Distribution Partners & UGC

5:52 - 23:33

ONE Brands launched three UGC campaigns so far each fulfilling a different objective in the marketing pipeline. From brand awareness to conversion campaigns, Abbie takes a deep dive into the brand’s UGC strategy and describes how micro-influencers serve as an effective bridge into collaborating with distribution partners. In this section, Abbie reveals how to create, launch and implement learnings into future UGC campaigns.

“We’re mainly focusing on Pinterest for brand awareness and we’re AB testing with static images, and different formats and styles of video."

New Social Media Advertising In 2019

23:33 - 38:00

Precision targeting, creative flexibility and performance data have opened new doors for marketers when it comes to advertising on social media. With the endless possibilities that come with auction-based digital marketing, how can marketers crack the code of optimizing ads while staying ahead of changing algorithms and trends? In this section, Abbie hones in on the capabilities and challenges of today’s digital advertising technologies.

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