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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with Savage X Fenty’s Lisa Perez

Micro-influencers, scaling diversity, and the value of creative freedom

September 10, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati, Alex Keenan, and Liz Montiel are joined by Lisa Perez, Head of Social Media and Influencer Marketing at Savage X Fenty, to discuss the evolution and future of influencer marketing, the twofold value of micro-influencers, and her top tips for securing internal buy-in for influencer activations.

Having led Barbie’s digital trajectory during her time at Mattel before moving over to lead social strategy at Instagram, Lisa is currently running social and influencer marketing at Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty. With a mission to celebrate fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity, Savage X Fenty has focused on a social and digital-first view of marketing the brand from the outset. With macro-influence at its core and micro-influence in its DNA, Savage X Fenty is redefining influencer marketing and its cultural impact on the world today. Tune in to learn how!

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“Influencers aren't new, but the way we interact with them is” 

The Social & Digital Landscape
0:58 - 9:24
Social media has paved the way for multi-directional conversations between consumers, brands and each other and as a result, has drastically increased consumer's expectations of the companies they buy from. People want to make their voices heard and social media’s megaphone effect has revolutionized marketing. How have marketing strategies had to change? This section covers the importance of meaningful connections for customer retention, the organic evolution of the influencer marketing industry and the benefit of working with celebrity influencers for reach and micro-influencers for conversion. 

“Creative freedom produces some of the best results” 

Consumer & Content Diversity at Savage X Fenty
9:24 - 22:10
By unlocking the creative powers of micro-influencers, Savage X Fenty has generated an innovative online presence and impact like no other in which consumers are the voice and embodiment of the brand. Lisa discusses the details of the strategy, campaign development and the results of the various influencer marketing campaigns Savage X Fenty has run since its launch. How should creative guidelines be set, how is content quality evaluated and how can authenticity be measured? Lisa reveals her strategies for executing the ultimate micro-influencer campaigns, as well as her top tips for securing internal buy-in for influencer activations.  

Leveraging real-life families is one of the most authentic ways to scale diversity” 

Barbie’s Focus on Authenticity & Content At Scale
22:10 - 38:58
Barbie is one of the most iconic legacy brands of all time so handing creative control off to influencers didn’t come easy. In this section, Lisa talks about the brand’s shift to authenticity, the need for high volumes of content to support brand campaigns on social and how she scoped out the cost, scalability, and legality of influencer activations to build a business case for creating content outside of Barbie’s traditional framework and processes.