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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with Sky Zone’s Ryan Reid and Chryssie Banfell

Organic vs. paid social, reaching Gen Z, and avoiding ad fatigue with micro-influencers

October 25, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati and Brett Landon are joined by Ryan Reid, Director of Brand Engagement and Chryssie Banfell, Social Media Manager at Sky Zone to discuss the brand’s organic vs. paid social strategy, how they are reaching Gen Z through YouTube, and avoiding ad fatigue by switching from macro to micro-influencers.

In 2004, Sky Zone opened the world’s first ever indoor trampoline park and since have kick-started a whole new industry. Now operating as an international franchise group, Sky Zone currently has 210 parks around the world including countries like Saudi Arabia, India, and Guatemala. Tune in to learn more!

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Made by Marketing Made by Marketing  Made by Marketing
You have to create tailored content for each channel, and influencers are a great way to scale production.” 

Tracking ROAS & Reaching Gen Z
0:30 - 15:15
The rise of auction based advertising on social media platforms has offered a whole world of new opportunities for brands wanting to target audiences in creative ways, especially when it comes to reaching Gen Z. Furthermore, ad platforms have generated new, more sophisticated methods for tracking content performance and return on ad spend. So the question becomes, to what extent should marketers control their ads versus leaving it to platforms like Facebook optimize with their advanced tech? In this section, Ryan and Chryssie discuss the importance of impressions, why content should be customized for each platform, and leveraging macro-influencers to create authentic content to run on YouTube in efforts to reach Gen Z.

On the organic side, you have an opportunity to deeper connect with your consumer and build a community in an authentic setting. With paid content, you are really delving into the consumers’ psyche and digging into what makes them tick.” 

Paid vs. Organic Social
15:15 - 27:30
The growth of paid advertising on social media has left many brands prioritizing their paid ad spend at the expense of neglecting their organic efforts. Responsible for developing social media strategy across the international Sky Zone franchise group, Ryan and Chryssie take a deep dive into the balance between the brand’s paid and organic efforts and the different purposes each serves. In this section, they cover knowing when and when not to test out new platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

We approach YouTube influencers as our replacement for traditional TV buys.” 

Macro Vs. Micro-Influencer Marketing
27:30 - 36:00
Once upon a time, teens looked to the big screen for influence and inspiration - now, they’re turning to peer-to-peer platforms like YouTube, but how is this continuing trajectory impacting brands’ decisions for when and who to activate in their partnerships and collaborations? In this section, Ryan and Chryssie discuss their best practices for sourcing influencers on YouTube, how their macro-influencer strategy is evolving, and in what ways micro-influencers are going to be significantly more valuable in 2020 when it comes to revitalizing brand endorsements, reducing ad fatigue, and generating high volumes of UGC on-demand, at scale, and cost-effectively. 

Want to learn more about Sky Zone’s marketing strategy? Tune into the Marketing Mix podcast to hear Josh Cole, CMO at Sky Zone, discuss in more detail the brand’s high-performing Snapchat partnership and the creative role of influencers in entertainment marketing.

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