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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with SmartyPants’ Nick Mazzucco

The End of the AOR Model

December 13, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati is joined by Nick Mazzucco, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing at SmartyPants to discuss the end of the AOR model, how to maintain a startup story through rapid national growth, and driving the best results for different platforms as a highly distributed in-store and online brand.

Founded in 2011 by a group of concerned parents and leaders in health & wellness, SmartyPants is on a mission to simplify health without sacrificing quality and has become a leading pioneer in the multi-vitamin gummy market. Tune in to learn how!

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Made by Marketing Made by Marketing  Made by Marketing
The agency-of-record model is changing and it will no longer be efficient to have one suite of services.” 

The End of the AOR Model
0:30 - 11:12
Over the past couple of years, a significant number of marketing professionals have made the move from the agency to the brand world, but what is the main reason for this common transition? In this section, Nick discusses his decision to move to the brand side, the rise of a consumer-centric approach that brands must adopt in today’s landscape, and why the traditional AOR model is being replaced with a more specialized, on-demand approach to campaign strategy and execution.

As growth accelerates and you enter more markets and retailers, everything you do has to grow from the brand and its founding principles.” 

Maintaining a Brand Story Through Growth
11:12 -16:22
Founded by husband and wife, Courtney & Gordon, SmartyPants has experienced enormous national growth since its inception in 2010 and is now sold through a range of third party distributors including Target and Walmart as well as DTC. With so much growth, how has the brand maintained its passion-led startup purpose? In this section, Nick discusses how to deliver a consistent brand message to diverse audiences, the importance of empathy in marketing, and why brands shouldn’t be scared to grow their product portfolio.

We are a widely distributed brand so we have to adapt our conversion strategy to each of the ecosystems we sell in. On Amazon, we are focused on making sure we remain competitive in search, whereas in Target we are more focused on running discounts and coupons to drive store traffic.” 

Measuring ROI In-Store and Online
16:22 - 24:00
Driving and calculating ROI across a multiplicity of complex channels makes it easy for highly distributed brands to struggle with their attribution model. In this section, Nick discusses the importance of top of funnel brand awareness for highly distributed brands, how to drive the best results for success on individual platforms, and why maintaining a defined overarching goal and strategy is key for any brand.

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