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Social Native
Made by Marketing Podcast with The Knot Worldwide’s Amanda Goetz

Maintaining brand relevance in the mobile era

November 4, 2019

In this episode of Made by Marketing, Social Native’s Bhaji Illuminati is joined by Amanda Goetz, VP of Marketing at The Knot Worldwide to discuss brand versus performance marketing, how Gen Z is shifting the wedding industry, and how to keep a brand relevant in today’s changing landscape.

The Knot Worldwide is a leading wedding marketplace for over 20 million unique visitors each month internationally through their brands. With innovation, entrepreneurship and optimization at its core, The Knot Worldwide has been redefining the wedding planning experience for the past 21 years. Tune in to learn more!

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Made by Marketing Made by Marketing  Made by Marketing
There is a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at The Knot. If you have an idea, you are encouraged to share it and operationalize it.” 

An Entrepreneurial Culture of Innovation
0:30 - 06:20
Founded by husband and wife David Liu and Carley Roney, The Knot Worldwide has always been a company built upon strong values of innovation and entrepreneurship. Such values have continued to thrive through the merger with Wedding Wire and the growth of the brand’s various subsidiaries. As VP of Marketing, Amanda manages all owned, earned and product marketing functions for The Knot Worldwide. In addition to her primary roles, Amanda has developed and launched two new products - The Knot Style Quiz and The Knot Day of Timeline during her time at the company. In this section, Amanda discusses the value of entrepreneurship in company culture and how it can be a key driver in innovative product and business expansion.

Right user, right message, right time. The best rule of thumb with a push strategy is that you should never send a mass push. The fewer people that receive a push notification the better because that means it is triggered based off of unique behavior that is relevant in a timely manner.” 

Keeping A Brand Relevant
06:20 - 23:11
In today’s fast-moving market, keeping relevant and ahead of the curve is a top priority, especially for brands like The Knot Worldwide who’s customer lifecycle is limited to one single event. Whether it's relaunching the go-to-market position for Gen Z, rebranding the visual identity to become more inclusive to today’s changing society, or rebuilding personalized product experience to improve retention, Amanda implements a multifaceted approach to maintaining brand relevancy. With over 21 years worth of content to leverage, optimizing for mobile has been one of The Knot’s key objectives. In this section, Amanda covers the art of differentiating brand voices, approaching acquisition within the framework of retention, and developing a lifecycle marketing and push strategy that keeps your brand top of mind.

Brand and performance marketers need to be seen as partners, and not competitors for money.” 

Brand Vs. Performance Marketing
23:11 - 31:23
Performance and direct response methods of marketing were once considered the key drivers for ROI, but now companies like The Knot are identifying brand marketing to be equally as important, especially when it comes to ensuring customer loyalty and retention. In this section, Amanda covers the importance of having a well-balanced brand and performance marketing strategy, the various tests and controls brands can run to prove ROI from different marketing teams, and the brand mapping exercise that will help all companies identify their core values and select the most authentic channels to leverage.  

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