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Social Native
Marketing Mix Podcast with Christi Lazar

Christi Lazar explains what authenticity really means in marketing

Joining us on the Marketing Mix Podcast is Christi Lazar, Content & Personalization at Nestle Waters North America. Christi discusses the depths of consumer insights, what authenticity really means, and connecting with audiences on a 1:1 basis. Leading the personalization and Content Lab across 12 brands, Christi explains how to create thumb-stopping content for different placement purposes and consumer touch points.

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Jeff Ragovin: Can you tell us about your role at Nestle Waters North America? 

Christi Lazar: Generally, I lead personalization and the Content Lab across all of our Nestle Waters’ brands. In order to fuel personalization across the consumer journey, you need content, so it was a natural fit for me to lead the content studio. 

Jeff Ragovin: How do you tackle so many brands with so many different personalities?

Christie Lazar: It all comes down to consumer insights, if you have good insights for your brand than it’s easy to pick a few passion points. With 12 brands at the same time, it comes down to good consumer journey mapping and where your content is coming from. For example, Social Native allows us to best fit influencing and creator content into the journey. We can speak to our consumers in a 1 to 1 way and utilize our amazing partners and internal teams to create a cohesive journey.

Jeff Ragovin: With your own experiences as a successful food blogger and influencer in the food space, talk to us about how your life outside of Nestle Water North America impacts your role?

Christie Lazar: I created @BazaarLazarr four years ago as a creative outlet while working with startups in LA. Being in Digital Marketing, I thought it would be cool to walk the talk. I try to connect with my audience in a 1 to 1 way just like with personalization at Nestle Waters. It’s important to listen to your audience, and create authentic content that speaks to you as well as your audience. 

Jeff Ragovin: How are you pushing out the right content for the right type of people? 

Christie Lazar: Well it’s simple, good personalization is only as good as the data signals you have and the technology you have to execute it efficiently. The question is how do you get to good personalization and data signals, and that is what we are focused on. We look at the whole consumer journey from purchase to consumer loyalty, to repurchase. Then we map the data signals people provide us and ensure we have content to support it from journey mapping. The data from the end of the journey is used to educate the media and make sure we are targeting the right people through personalization.

Jeff Ragovin: You often refer to Social Native as your content farm. How do you leverage Social Native as part of your overall strategy? 

Christie Lazar: I love working with Social Native because of the authenticity of the content that is created. As brands, we want to stay authentic to our consumers and what our brand represents. Authenticity is a fine line because there are two sides to it. On the brand side we want to stay true to our core beliefs and on the other hand it’s the people who are creating the content and what is authentic to them. This is the beauty of our partnership since Social Native has helped bridge the gap between brand authenticity as well as motivated empathetic creators.

Jeff Ragovin: Do you have a favorite campaign or piece of content?

Christie Lazar: Perrier stop motion holiday, it was thumb-stopping.  Also, the work Social Native did with our regional brands for sparkling was absolutely incredible and authentic to each region. It was so fun and just great content.



Jeff Ragovin: What are your top tips for working with content creators?

Christie Lazar: Understand your consumer journey and know where your content is needed, while at the same time, understanding what type of content you need. As your working with your creators, brief them well and give them guidelines of what you are looking for, then empower them to be truly creative in their space.

Jeff Ragovin: Thank you for joining the Marketing Mix Podcast.

Please note, the above has been paraphrased for editorial purposes